Iain Duncan Smith Combover

There but for an accident of birth…

Imagine if the Conservative Party hadn’t been born with silver spoons in their mouths, how might they have turned out?

We’ve had a go at guessing what it could have been like and here are the results.


David and Samantha Cameron save up for 5 years and spend it on a trip to Venice


George Osborne wouldn’t exactly have got by on looks alone.

George Osborne Chavs It up

Eric Pickles enjoys the perks of a McJob

Eric Pickles visits a burger bar in Brentwood

Theresa May finds a way to express herself

Theresa May Gets Freaky

William Hague makes a big impact. No change there then!

William Hague Chillaxing

Michael Gove desperately tries to fit in, yet everybody still thinks he’s a cunt.


Jeremy Hunt embraces his inner goth

Jeremy Hunt embraces his inner Goth

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